Welcome to Askevej 3, Thorsager, 8410 Rønde, Denmark

Coziness, space, private garden, own forrest

Plantegning Engelsk 200630

General info

You book via Airbnb. Click here (opens in a new tab).

Is there something you want to ask about before booking, you can do so via the Airbnb platform.

Payments also take place on the Airbnb platform.

The price depends on what period you want to rent, the duration and number of guests.

To see the price, you can insert date for arrival and departure and number of guests at the Airbnb platform..

Go to Airbnb's website by clicking here (opens in a new tab).

Before check-in, you will receive a password and instructions on how to access a key set. This way you have access to the key yourself at the time that suits you.

Check-in starts at 13:00 hours (or otherwise if so agreed).

Check-out is latest 11:00 hours (or otherwise if so agreed).

Around 110 m2, including two annexes. See floor plan above.

In total it is possible to stay 9 to 11 persons in the summerhouse if you use all beds and mattresses as described here:

  • Big sleeping room: one double bed (180 cm wide) for two persons
  • Small bedroom: one double bed (140 cm wide) for two persons (Renovated summer 2020 including new double bed; pictures soon to come)
  • Big annex: one double bed for two persons
  • Small annex: one single bed for one person
  • Three full-sized mattresses to be used on the floor (one of them is a bit thin) and one youth-sized mattress in, 185 x 70 cm, which is a thin mattress. These extra mattresses are to be found in either one of the bedrooms or annexes and can be placed as you like

There will be prepared beds/ mattresses and towels for all booked guests. Towels will be found in the big bathroom or in the utility room. If there are guests who are to sleep on the extra mattresses, extra linens, duvets, and so forth will be found in the big bed room.

There is space for eight persons at the dining table. There are twelve dining chairs (some of which you can fetch from the shed, one from the big annex). The dining chairs are solely for indoor use, however, the chairs from the shed may be used outdoor (return them if it starts to rain).

A baby chair can found in the shed (inside transparent plastic bags). It has no harness. See image hereof in the gallery.

In the big annex you will find two extensions for the dining table (one of them might already be mounted on the table). Using those, two or more additional persons can sit at the dining table.

Inside the house you will find two smaller chairs of the same height as the dining chairs.

In the big annex there is a table that can be used as an extra dining table for six persons. You can carry it yourself (two persons are needed to lift it).

There are two bath rooms, one of which is wiht shower and underfloor heating.

There is fast wifi. You get access to the password via login to this website (after booking).

There is a tv with chromecast in the living room.

You can play music. If you do so outside you have to stop latest at 23:00 hours -- you can continue inside with windows closed.

There is a well-equipped cottage kitchen with five pots, two pans, plus general kitchen equipment, dishwasher with detergent tablets, coffee maker, toaster, stove and oven, microwave (in the utility room), a fridge plus an extra fridge with freezer in the utility room.

There is a total of 3000 m2.

The children and also the adults are welcome to romp around in our small forest!

We own the neighboring plot (see picture below).

There is a large, partially covered terrace in front of the living room facing the rear garden.

There is a large terrace table with six chairs.

There is a small table five chairs (the chairs being slightly lower than the chairs for the large table).

Do not bring the indoor dining chairs outside (however, you may do so with the chairs from the shed).

There is a heat pump in the living room. Service info follows upon booking.

There is a buried/ flatground trampoline. For the time being, however, it has no soft fabric edge.

There is a wood-burning stove in the living room.

Because of the risk of fire you are asked not to empty the wood-burning stove for ashes upon departure. Just leave it as it is. If need arises during the stay, you can use the tray inside the wood-burning stove to carry ashes and dispose of it between some bushes in the garden, well away from the house.

When you rent the cottage there will be a bit of firewood for you. The firewood is placed next to the wood-burning stove along with ignition blocks, or outside on the terrace. You find matches on top of the white closet in the middle of the living room.

If you need more firewood, you can buy it:

  • from some of the farms selling it out to the road
  • at the nearest builders merchant 7 km away (Stark, Åkærsvej 2, 8410 Rønde)
  • or buy firewood briquettes in Dagli 'Brugsen in Thorsager 1.7 km away

Turn off the heat pump if you turn on the stove.

There is a campfire in the rear garden.

For firewood, see the section on wood-burning stove.

There might be some mosquitoes at night, especially in the campfire area. Consider bring a mosquito repellent.

There is a large charcoal grill. When using the grill, do so in safe distance from the house, for example on the terrace furthest away from the house.

Bring charcoal yourself. You can use the firelighters to be found next to the wood-burning stove.

The grill and related things are placed in the shed.

The grill has to be cleaned after use. There is a steel brush and a large flat tub in which the grill grate can soak (for example from after use till the next morning). You can use the water tap with the small hose next to the greenhouse.

There are two loungers for outdoor use. You will find them in the shed.

There are six fire alarms/ smoke detectors distributed in this way:

  1. Living room
  2. Hallway
  3. Large bedroom
  4. Small bedroom
  5. Big annex
  6. Small annex

They were installed October 2019. They are set so that they communicate with each other. The above number 1 communicates with numbers 3 and 4, while number 2 communicates with numbers 5 and 6.

Fire alarms/ smoke detectors, of course, cannot replace common sense. So be careful with the stove, candles and other fire. Never leave the stove open. Do not leave candles close to something easily flammable, gently turn off candles well in advance of sleep. Remember, you are in a wooden house.

We regularly check the fire alarms/ smoke detectors to ensure they work, but we cannot guarantee that the batteries will not run out while you are there. Also pay attention: When the battery needs to be changed, the alarm will sound every 60 seconds - let us know or change the batteries yourself, we will pay for the cost.

In the hallway, in the middle of the house, there is a 2-kilo powder extinguisher.

Operation (see also the powder extinguisher, or picture below):

  1. Remove the fuse pin
  2. Point to the fire and press the handle

In the hallway, in the middle of the house, there is first aid kit, extra patches and a fleet remover.

You can bring your rabbits along. Contact for further details.

Pets are not allowed indoors.

Smoking is not allowed indoors. You can find an ashtray in the shed (outdoor version with lid) and/or a jar with a lid. Do not leave cigarette butts anywhere.

There is 1.7 km to the supermarket Dagli 'Brugsen in Thorsager which is open daily from 07:00 to 20:00. Opening hours may may vary. The address is Ryomvej 44, Thorsager, 8410 Rønde.

There are many shopping opportunities in Rønde, only 7 km. away.

10 km south to Følle Strand (Følle Beach) and about 30 km north to Fjellerup Strand (Fjellerup Beach) and Bønnerup Strand (Bønnerup Beach).

Click on the following:

Letbanen (train) stops only 300 meters from the sommerhouse.

Letbanen goes from Aarhus-Grenaa-Aarhus. It takes 45 minutes to Aarhus city centre.

Go to the website that runs the train by clicking here.

Bus number 120 and 121 comes from Aarhus and stops approximately 1.5 km from the summerhouse.

You find the bus stop on either the northbound (arriving from Aarhus) or southbound (departing for Aarhus) side of the roundabout in Thorsager Town (see map below).

The trip by bus takes 55 minutes.

Go to the website that runs the bus by clicking here (opens in a new tab).

Drive towards Askevej 3, 8410 Rønde.

Rules when renting the summer house

  1. When it is you who make the booking, then you have to be the one stays in and uses the summer house (unless otherwise agreed with us).
  2. If you are to make a bonfire, play music, you have to read the information regarding that in the section General info above.
  3. At departure: Clean the rooms you have used so that they are approximately as clean as when you arrived. Switch off the all heating, water heaters and lights. Se General info above.
  4. Inform us if anything is broken no matter how it happened.

Upon making your booking you will receive some practical ideas as to how to enjoy your stay and do the cleaning. You will get this via a login to this website. When you get the login, then you can login in here below.

Login for practical info upon booking

If you wish to see this before booking, then write Henrik an email via , so that I can send you a login.

Notice: "Brugernavn" is user name and "Adgangskode" is password (in Danish).